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Goatee Games is a small video games company dedicated to making games with rich systems and entertaining gameplay.

We were founded in 2012, and are currently based in Utah.

Our First Game: After the Empire

Goatee Games was formed to make deep strategic simulation games. We set out to make our first game, After the Empire, with two goals in mind: to make it punishingly difficult (without resorting to letting the AI play by different rules), and to keep it minimalistic in form and function to make it pure, unadulterated strategy. Our art and UI theme? ‘Bleak.’ Needless to say, we learned the importance of artwork, and that games - at least, games that are fun - require depth and complexity in setting and design, as well as gameplay mechanisms.

Our Second Game: The Viceroy


Our second game had very different goals. We set out to make a game with a rich setting, emergent gameplay, long replayability, and as beautiful a design as our indie budget would allow. This produced a highly replayable, deeply complex, and far more attractive game that we were proud to put on Steam Greenlight in June, 2015. Within a month, The Viceroy had been Greenlit!

Our Third Game: After the Empire... Again.

Just after The Viceroy was launched, our first game, After the Empire, was accepted by Steam Greenlight. We felt like we had learned a lot about making games since its Greenlight campaign, and wanted to upgrade our original gameplay concept and graphics so that it would be a worthy successor of The Viceroy. We are proud of After the Empire and hope that the people who supported it originally will be excited to see what it has become!

  • The Viceroy

  • After the Empire


Christian Purser - Lead Developer

Sandy Purser - Developer


Press Kit


Goatee Games
Based in North Ogden, UT

Founding date

June 1, 2012





2637 N Washington Blvd. #305

North Ogden, UT   84414
United States of America

+1 801 360-2936


There are more images available on request.

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