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After the Empire - Coming Soon!

The first game we submitted to Steam for the Greenlight process was named, "After the Empire." It wasn't a dark and gritty territory conquering game so much as a bleak and despairing territory conquering game. Like The Viceroy, it was written in Python. But because it was our first game, it had a lot less polish and pizazz!

It was actually Greenlit about a year after we put it up, not long after The Viceroy was launched. We have completely rewritten the game in Java, making it a lot more exciting and interesting than the original. Here's a short teaser video for it:

For those who are interested, I'll post the original Greenlight video for the old version of After the Empire below. While it's still the same game concept, we hope you will agree that it's been greatly improved! Though we do really like the ship graphics made by the amazing Cecilia, who has done an amazing job on all of the art she's provided for our games.

As you can see, we've made a lot of improvements.

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