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Upon the Threshold of a New Age!

An Age... of the Machine!

Goatee Games is excited to announce the release of our new game, After the Empire, on Steam this Friday, March 31st!

Check it out on Steam:

Build a galaxy-spanning machine empire!​

Bend galactic geography to your will to seize hundreds of territories with Fleet, Crypto and Glory.

Master your economy with Guilds, Trade Routes and Pilgrimages.

Prove your faith, honor your culture, and conquer the Milky Way!

Above is a screenshot of the main map view of the game, including the Recent Events Notifications in the top left, a Territory Menu open in the bottom left, and the minimap (with its various map view buttons) in the bottom right. The cursor is hovering over a gate at the edge of the map which is linking one territory to another on the other side of the galaxy.

Up until now we've only had developers and play-testers competing in our Weekly Leagues, so we're excited to see what happens to our League rankings next week. Maybe we'll see you there?

As ever, we'll be watching the Steam discussion forums and reading emails at Feel free to get in touch!

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