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The Viceroy - Thoughtful Progress

Good progress this week on the Viceroy!

The Viceroy, the original version, was a product of my passion. There's a lot of good that comes from that, but also a lot of danger. It's easy to let a game that you're too close to escape and run wild on its own. And that happened to some extent with the Viceroy, escaping my original plans and leaving odd choices hanging in the wake of its rampage, like the combat and rebel system.

I've been working hard on how to polish what made it shine without losing that hot edge, but that's always been a challenge to me with the Viceroy, mostly because I feel so close to the project. But I feel like I'm really making progress with finding clarity, and I hope to share more major changes and decisions soon after I test and enjoy them!

We've also been continuing to work on displaying the data now so helpfully (and quickly!) calculated by the new Java version of the next turn calculations! And we hope to have a lot more to show and tell very soon.

Until next week!

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